Conference Venue

Tra Vinh University
126 Nguyen Thien Thanh, Ward 5, Tra Vinh City, Vietnam

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Contact information Room rates


Cửu Long  Address: 





20++ USD



 Must be confirmed by TVU staff



 USD  Breakfast not included


 + 10 % VAT if request for invoice

Kindly note that participants will be responsible for covering all accommodation fees and expenses including items consumed in the hotel room, personal calls and usage of business center. To avoid unnecessary expenses, please check on the rates with the front desk hotel staff before making any phone calls. You may also purchase an international pre-paid telephone cards which are available in any convenient stores outside the hotel.

All personal valuables brought by the participants to the event are the responsibility of the participants. A suitcase that can be locked is recommended for cameras, laptop computers or other valuable items you may wish to bring. Participants may also deposit valuable items in the hotel’s safety deposit box, which is available in the hotel rooms.

Laundry service is available in the hotel. Please check the prices at the reception desk.

Public Transportation

♦ From the airport: 



For personal trips, please refer to the following options of transportation:

♦ Taxi: 

♦ “Xe om” (Mototaxi): 


Exchange rate

Foreign currencies are not accepted in most shops, so it is best for you to change your foreign currency to the local currency, which is Vietnam Dong.

The current foreign exchange rate is approximately US$ 1.00 = VND 21,390. These rates are subject to market fluctuations so please check them again prior to your departure date. If you come to Vietnam with some foreign cash, you can exchange it for VND upon arrival at the international airport, banks or currency exchange establishments. You may get a slightly better rate of return at banks but you will always lose a little bit in the exchange agencies. The disadvantage of going to a bank to exchange money is that you need to show a passport for identification and you need to fill out a form first. Alternatively, at currency exchange booths you can exchange money instantly. The currency exchange booths around tourist locations such as Ben Thanh Market may charge a higher transaction fee so it is best to avoid them unless you are in a hurry. Also please note that many exchange places will not accept old or torn bills. Bring new and crisp bills in order to get the best exchange rate. If you happen to have damaged bills that no one else will accept, simply go to a bank and exchange it for a new note for a nominal fee.

Credit cards are accepted by hotels and some shops, however cash is also necessary. There are now a number of ATMs accepting international cards. Please note that most ATMs charge a fee of approximately US$ 4 for use of international cards. Most HSBC and TechCom ATMs allow a per transaction maximum withdrawal of 5 million to 6 million dong. Other ATMs allow around 2 million dong. For large withdrawals, the ATM will dispense 500,000 dong notes which you will then have to exchange for smaller bills for small purchases.

If you need really large sums of cash, Western Union is the best way to go. It is less expensive and more hassle-free than bank wire transfers, and there are hundreds of locations within Ho Chi Minh City alone. Depending on the amount, you may pay less in a Western Union transaction fee than on international cash advance fees through your bank or credit card. Simply get a friend or family member to go to a Western Union branch back home and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Be sure that the spelling of the name of the recipient matches exactly as it is shown on the passport – even one letter off is ground for refusal.

Climate and Attire




Electricity used in Vietnam is 220v-50Hz. The types of plug are A and C (as pictures below):


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